Cody O’Hara, MS


Cody is a pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is certified in Prepare/Enrich premarital assessment. Cody is passionate about meeting clients where they’re at and building a strong therapeutic relationship. Cody has a relaxed and conversational session style, he wants to get to know the authentic you and help you meet the goals you’re striving for.

Cody holds a Systems Approach to therapy meaning he likes to look at the big picture to gain insights. Work, school, past experiences, family life, friends, society, culture and so much more leave their impact on us and we in turn leave our impact on them. A systems approach helps us look closer at how our experiences might be leading to roadblocks and what we can do to blaze a new trail!

Cody especially enjoys working with families and couples to help empower healthy, nurturing relationships. Cody has extensive experience working with children and believes their involvement with therapy is a major part of successful family healing and growth.

Outside of work Cody enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his kids, video games, learning about history and playing any tabletop game he can get his hands on!