Brianna Dennis, BS

Clinical Trainee

Bri is a community based skills worker who values honesty and humor when it comes to working with clients. Bri believes that every client, and their story, is so unique and that requires a unique approach for each and every client she works with. Building a therapeutic relationship with the client and figuring out what works best for them, while pushing them to their full potential, is Bri’s strongest skill set.

Bri has experience with all ages but focuses primarily on kids or family’s. Prior to working at Ellie, Bri has experience working at a clinic for children with autism and working at the child development center at her college. Bri also has years of research at a clinical lab at the University of Minnesota regarding children and psychology.

Bri values open communication and providing a safe space for every client to feel welcome and heard. Bri uses her listening skills to encourage growth in every individual, and brings humor to every session (or at least tries to).