Brenna Cleeland, LMSW


Brenna is a trauma-based therapist who is passionate about the mind-body connection and mind-body therapies to help clients explore where they’ve been, where they are, and where they would like to go in life. She has a direct and engaging relational style, using humor and empathy to build a warm and accepting therapeutic relationship. As a therapist, she is flexible and aims to adapt her clinical experience to fit whichever interventions and modalities will serve each client best. She strive’s to always use a client-centered, trauma-informed, intersectional, and liberation-based framework that takes into account the power dynamics and larger-level systems adversely affecting our mental health. Some of her clinical interests include the legacy of intergenerational trauma, movement-based therapy, nervous system regulation/dysregulation, and the connection between trauma and ADHD/neurodivergence.

Brenna has experience working with PTSD/CPTSD, depression, anxiety, substance use/chemical dependence, ADHD/neurodivergence, women’s and gender/sexuality issues (LGBTQIA+), mind-body therapy, CBT & DBT, crisis intervention & support, cultural humility & intersectionality, and advocacy/activism.