Bethany Taylor, MA


Bethany is a therapist that seeks to help clients overcome barriers and fulfill their full potential as a human being. She enjoys getting to know her clients and uses a person-centered approach in counseling. To do this, she likes to establish what the client would like to accomplish, meeting clients where they are at, and then challenging them along the way to become the person they want to be.
Bethany additionally enjoys promoting the Ellie value of humor in sessions with clients to ensure client’s feel comfortable, safe, and to ensure that therapy is enjoyable while also being helpful.

Bethany has an extensive background in working with children, and emerging adults with previous job experience at Fraser’s Day treatment program, working in elementary schools, and completing an internship at a college counseling center while completing her degree. While Bethany enjoys working with children, her primary focus is working with adults with anxiety, depression, family conflict, marriage/partnership conflict, and anger management.