Becca Floyd, PhD, LP

Assessment Psychologist

Becca Floyd is a licensed clinical psychologist with interest in identification and management of chronic conditions affecting the health of an adult’s brain so that they might live their best life despite limitations. In order for people to live authentically as their best self, she is passionate about understanding how the systems in which a person lives influences the expression of neurological differences and how those systems respond to such differences. Becca often uses dry wit and enjoys creative challenges when helping people to accept the need for working differently for accommodating neurodivergence in their lives.

When not at work, Becca relaxes by reading books, playing music (handbells, saxophones, clarinet, and singing), keeping busy with her fur babies, spending time in nature, practicing archery (no zombie vegetable apocalypse on her watch), and working on projects geared toward helping her fur babies, especially those with special needs, better enjoy life.