Austin Leighton, MA


Austin is an understanding and compassionate therapist who is eager to provide treatment to all the clients he serves. He knows that reaching out for help can be challenging and chaotic, and because of this he aims to provide a consistent, compassionate, and understanding approach through all his interactions. Austin uses a systems lens to see how different systems in a client’s life interact, such as their job, family, and relationships. In navigating these systems, Austin aims to empower his clients and their confidence through his work.

Austin is also an advocate for male mental health treatment, and encourages all men struggling with mental health issues to reach out. His prior treatment experience involved the treatment of men struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and their families/partners.

Outside of work Austin likes to get outside when he can, either sailing when it’s warm or skiing when it’s cold. When he cannot manage to get outside he embraces his nerdy side, playing D&D or video games with friends.