Annika Angelo

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Annika is an experienced, compassionate provider who comes to each interaction with kindness and without judgement. She knows that to help other people, you first need to meet them where they are at and understand each part of who they are. Her goal is to always work with – not for.

She previously was employed as a supervisor for a number of group homes across the metro area, enjoying working with the various disabled populations. Her experiences in the psychology and health fields inform her interactions to ensure a holistic path to wellbeing, and her creative personality allows her to form many different options on that path. Merging convention with creative personalization, Annika aims to ensure each person receives the highest quality care possible.

Outside of work, Annika enjoys spending time with her husband and elder cat (which they are 99% sure that the soul of the previous owner, a nice old granny, decided to enter) in their St. Paul home. She likes to explore her creative side through writing music and working on various home improvement projects.