Anisah Olson, MS


Anisah is a compassionate pre-licensed mental health therapist who strives to meet her clients where they are at and provide a safe and non-judgmental space for them to thrive in. She works collaboratively with clients and uses a variety of treatment modalities tailored to each individual client. She mainly draws from person-centered, trauma focused, and CBT and DBT therapies.

Anisah believes that every client knows themselves best and she is eager to help her clients flourish and grow in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable. Anisah recognizes that each individual has different life experiences that have led them to where they are today and she is ready to work with each individual to help them achieve their goals, desires, and where they want to be in life.

Outside of work you will find Anisah spending time with her family and friends, being outside, and spending time with her dog.