Andrey Chernev, Master in MFT/AMFT


pronouns (he/him/his)

Meet your wizard of the mind, Gandalf of forgotten emotions! I have been on a journey since 2001, with a double Master’s and five years of honing my skills through PostDoc training. Let me offer you wings of wisdom, we will cross the enigmatic forests of fears and enjoy the blooming meadows of your inspirations. Every step on our way frames the magic of understanding and the power of transformation. The glowing staff of self-awareness will brighten up every passage of your mind castle, showing where resolution lies and how to access it. And flames of understanding will warm up every castle room like a lively fireplace, with warmth and insight. Hidden secrets of EMDR will lead you through the maze of trauma to refreshing fountains of peace and fruits of serenity. Here, couples, teens, adults, and families will find a harbor with ships to sail to harmony and understanding. Every possibility here is welcomed, from health and academia to sports and career, from personal habits to relational dynamics. Remember, the brave explorers embrace their true nature! We’ll find healing not by trying to become what we are not but by fully becoming who we are. So join me on this therapy quest, where every session is a new chapter in an epic written by you!