Andie Spevetz, Licensed Professional Counselor


I started my mental health career as a Certified Peer Support Specialist, which means that I have personal experience living with and overcoming mental health challenges. After realizing that I couldn’t do everything I wanted to help my clients without a masters degree I went back to school to get my LPC.

My no-nonsense approach is tempered by a relatable, humorous demeanor. Clients looking for a mix of accountability and understanding tend to appreciate my style. I work with all ages and enjoy mixing adults and children clients to help keep perspective fresh for both.

I specialize in ADHD, trauma/PTSD, mood disorders, and parent coaching. I use a psycho education model to help clients understand why they think or behave the way they do; particularly focusing on the neuroscience behind behaviors and emotions. Then by using CBT, DBT, mindfulness, and other techniques we work together to change problematic thoughts and feelings. I also use art, play, and other more hands on activities to help foster positive growth and change.