Amber Pearson, MA, LICSW


Amber is a creative and quirky therapist who works hard to create a welcoming and affirmative space for children and families. She uses a conscious discipline and trauma-informed lens when completing assessments and developing/implementing interventions. She believes that change starts with relationships and self-awareness, so she takes time to foster these with curiosity, client-led play, psychoeducation, and intentional use and exploration of sensory systems. In addition, she works to understand and respect if and how stigma, bias, prejudice, and generational trauma have affected the client and family system, creating survival strategies that are often negatively critiqued by society. She is especially passionate about working with autistic children and their families, using a neurodiversity affirmative lens to help children develop positive self-identity while also helping the child and family to identify antecedents/triggers, modify the environment, increase co-regulation and self-regulation, and find ways to communicate and engage joyfully together.

Outside of work, Amber loves to explore new places and learn new things. Her happy place is wandering in the woods (even the tiny patches of trees tucked in the city) or walking beside lakes and rivers. She loves anything that makes her laugh and often has music playing wherever she goes!