Amber Jones, LPC


Amber Jones is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Dallas Forth Worth metroplex who specializes in a variety of challenges/experiences, such as: anxiety, depression, parenting, chemical dependency, grief, stress and eating disorders to name a few.
As a clinician, Amber comes with several years of experience working in mental health. She has worked with multiple age groups across the lifespan, various diagnoses and issues, as well as in different settings (outpatient, intensive outpatient, residential, etc.). She also prides herself in avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” approach with her clients, and tailor’s treatment to each client’s circumstances/individual needs. Her aim is to create genuine connections with clients and ‘communicate with a purpose.’ Amber enjoys being a fellow passenger in her clients’ journey. She often requests/welcomes open feedback from clients concerning their treatment goals/progress. In her free time, Amber enjoys being physically active and riding her bikes/weight training. Other times, you can find her cuddling up with a good book or eagerly absorbing an informational podcast episode.