Alison Cromie

Senior Marketing Account Manager

Alison is a creative problem solver with over a decade of experience in marketing and creative operations, process improvement, and project management. She loves helping business owners understand the hows and whys of marketing and does so with grace and humility. She’s the type of person you can go to for advice who will listen intently and then provide whatever support she can to help you be your best.

She is excited to be part of the Ellie team as she has been a lifelong champion of mental health and how important it is to seek help when you need it. She even thought she would be a therapist one day, but life had other plans.

When she’s not at work helping franchise owners market their clinics, you can find her foraging in the woods for mushrooms, creating various items in her craft room, writing a song on her ukulele, or tackling the next DIY home project on her list.

Alison is a passionate member of the LGBT+ community and has two boys, a dog, a rabbit, and a fish at home that she loves dearly.