Alicia Nelson, MSW, LGSW


Alicia is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker who uses empathy, humor, and validation to help you feel comfortable in the therapy space. She believes we all have room to grow and is passionate about helping others identify and lean in to their opportunities for growth. Prior to joining Ellie, Alicia worked in crisis mental health in a hospital setting.

Alicia believes the therapy process is as unique as each individual client. Her goal is to meet you where you are and help you identify where you would like to be, then support you in getting there. Alicia also believes that no person exists in a vacuum, and considering the influences on your life – family, friends, work, or school – is integral in better understanding ourselves and our world. She is passionate about mental health and loves to help others better understand why and how our weird, wild, wonderful brains work!

Outside of work, Alicia loves to spend time with her pets, family, and friends. She can usually be found in line at the nearest coffee shop or on a walk around town with her dog.