Ali Kanan, MA, MS, LPCC


Ali’s approach to therapy is integrative. He converges principles and practices from several different schools of thought such as strengths-based, humanistic, experiential, interpersonal, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Ali flexibly modifies his use of questions, responses, and techniques in the “here-and-now” depending on the realities, resources, supports, limitations, values, interests, expectations, and needs presented by a client on a given day. Ali recognizes the chosen methods burrowed from different therapy approaches are far more effective or meaningful after first establishing a collaborative, egalitarian, and supportive therapy relationship. It is important for Ali to be seen and known by his clients as a human being with his own fears, capacities, and imperfections. Ali will work with you as a guiding journeyman and compassionate companion who listens intently and respectfully to your concerns and speaks sincerely and courageously from an equally vulnerable and capable place.

At Ellie, Ali is working with adolescents and adults  He is available for in-person and telehealth psychotherapy appointments. Difficulties with depression/anxiety/ panic; trauma/grief/loss; lived-experiences with stigma/shame/prejudice/or marginalization due to some aspect of one’s history, reality, or identity; navigating distress associated with managing work/relational/family dilemmas are just some of problems he has earned the privilege to work with.