Stephanie Parsons, LCSW


Stephanie firmly believes that all humans are capable of doing hard things, and she recognizes that for many, therapy can feel overwhelming and intimidating. That’s why it’s important to her to offer a space of non-judgement, support, and humor while walking through challenges with her clients.​

Stephanie is a licensed clinical social worker with a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago and has experience in clinical capacities in multiple countries, including Canada, Slovakia, and Thailand. At her core, she is most passionate about treating OCD and anxiety-related disorders having spent the last few years of her career becoming an expert in exposure response prevention therapy. Stephanie has also spent significant time treating PANS/PANDAS disorders and has a special place in her heart for these clients and their families. Additionally, she has worked with clients who need support with family therapy, attachment therapy, and play therapy.​ When not at work, Stephanie is usually in the mountains with her puppy Samson, dunking in ice baths, or traveling the world.