Samantha Punt, CMHC, LPC

Therapist (She/Her)

Samantha Punt, CMHC, LPC, received her master’s in clinical mental health counseling from Saint Joseph University in CT. Sam received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology at Becker College and has spent numerous years working with the adjudicated youth in Worcester County. Sam is a licensed professional counselor who immensely enjoys working with youth, adolescents, and the college population. However, she has experience working with individuals from birth to the geriatric population with challenges ranging in severity. This includes substance misuse, autism, dual diagnosis, self-harm, suicidality, physical disability, schizophrenia, personality disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, LGBTQIA+, religious trauma, life transitions, divorce, legality concerns, and numerous others. Her almost twenty years of experience has resulted in working in different professional settings such as private practice, residential facilities, in-home, outpatient, and others.

Samantha’s approach is eclectic after almost two decades in the field. Her focus is the individual’s success through a teamwork dyad. Sam utilizes multiple theories, techniques, interventions, and treatments to best suit the individual’s success.