Samantha Easley, MA


Samantha (Sammie) received her master’s degree in clinical counseling from Lincoln Christian University. She has a plethora of experience working with individuals in the foster system, individuals going through significant life transitions, and those who have experienced various forms of trauma/abuse. Sammie specializes in aiding individuals with symptoms and experiences related to anxiety, depression, religious trauma, attachment issues, LQBTQ related issues (i.e. gender dysphoria, sexual orientation exploration, etc.), family conflict, relationship issues, and emotional disturbances. Sammie uses a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Attachment therapy, Emotion-focused therapy, and Family Systems therapy when working with children, teens, and adults.

Sammie believes in the transformative power of therapy to heal wounds, overcome obstacles, and foster resilience. Her passion lies in helping individuals discover their inner strengths, break cycles of trauma and unhealthy patterns, empowering them to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity. Sammie utilizes a holistic approach with the belief that individuals are more than their life circumstances or symptoms. Her goal is to provide a supportive space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings freely without judgment or distractions. Together, you’ll be able to work collaboratively to create meaningful changes that align with your goals and values!

When not in the therapy room you can find Sammie remaining active by hiking, kayaking, photographing beauty in her everyday life, and exercising. As a previous barista she loves a local coffee shop where she hang out and read a good book!