Nigel James, LAC


Nigel is a warm, compassionate, down to earth, licensed therapist eager to assist any adolescent or adult courageous enough to begin, or possibly even continue, their healing journey. He transitioned from a 12+ year nursing career to counseling in order to help individuals get to the root of their problems, develop tools to empower their lives, and live either at, or as close as possible, to their highest potential. Nigel is passionate about working with anyone who has experienced trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, loss, abuse within intimate relationships, relationship conflicts, anger management issues, or simply feeling in a rut or lost. He prioritizes safety and stabilization in treatment, moving at the pace of the client, and implementing mindfulness to help clients, particularly those who have experienced trauma, differentiate between memories and the present moment. Nigel does this using a combination of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, CBT, DBT, REBT, attachment theory, person-centered therapy, Gestalt therapy, and a strengths based approach; additionally, he is working towards becoming certified in EMDR. His goal is to help you increase your sense of agency, so that one day, you are essentially your own therapist, handling whatever life throws your way.