Michelle Helmer, MSW,LGSW


Michelle is a licensed graduate social worker and has over twenty years of professional direct practice experience working with children, youth and families. Michelle is an engaging, compassionate, and creative therapist who believes in fostering one’s authentic self, validating their intuition, and developing connections that are nurturing and supportive of their individual goals. Michelle is strength based and will make sure you know what your strengths are! Michelle is passionate about exploring the interconnectedness of relationships and systems. Michelle teams with clients to help them visualize possibilities that lead to change. Facilitating individual empowerment and self-confidence. Michelle believes that some therapy can be short term and brief.  That we all have times in our lives in which we need to talk to someone neutral due to unexpected events and loss. That together this therapeutic space allows for validation of one’s reality, opportunity to identify and create change that brings forth healing and growth. When not working, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family and the family dog (a loving and crazy smart shepherd named Juniper Juna) road tripping to the North Shore and the Colorado mountains, listening to alternative rock/indie music, cooking and laughing as much as possible!