Marwan El Khoury, MA/MDiv

Therapist (He/Him)

Marwan El Khoury holds an MDiv and an MA in clinical mental health counseling. Marwan received his master’s in clinical mental health counseling with a couples and family therapy specialty from William James College in 2023. He has experience working with anxiety, grief, bipolar, and borderline personality disorder in residential and outpatient care. He also leads group therapy, emphasizing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), healthy lifestyles, building boundaries, and overcoming addiction. Marwan brings additional spiritual experience after graduating with a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Boston College, where he applies spiritual interventions and spiritual counseling when needed by the client. Marwan’s therapeutic philosophy sprouts from the combination of person-centered, existential, and Adlerian therapy where the focus is on the client’s freedom, power, strength, and responsibility to overcome their distress through a positive goal-oriented approach wrapped by extreme empathy. Marwan has specialized experience in clinical hypnotherapy and eye movement reprocessing and desensitization (EMDR). In addition, Marwan also applies sports and athletic intervention when working with athletes and clients seeking sports psychotherapy. Utilizing an integrative approach to create an individualized treatment for each client, Marwan combines his knowledge of CBT, DBT, individual therapy, spirituality, existentialism, and post-modern psychological interventions to help the client achieve personal growth and healing.