Marielle Lee, MA


I came into the field because I see that we all carry invisible wounds and need healing. As a therapist, I see myself not as the expert but a fellow traveller on this journey of life and will honor your story with tenderness and care. I believe we are all still learning to grow up and that therapy will help you make meaning of these growing pains. As someone who has lived in 3 different countries and is not native to the US, I have interacted with many different cultures and understand the challenges associated with adjustment and transition. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and in my clinical experience have worked with individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use issues, grief, and so on. I adopt an eclectic approach to therapy because I believe therapy should be tailored to your needs, not you to a therapeutic model. I blend cognitive-behavioral approaches, Motivational Interviewing, existential psychology, spirituality and mindfulness and have a lot of interest in becoming an Internal Family Systems practitioner.

I would also love to work with more couples and families as I grow as a clinician!