Malka Adler, MSW, LSW


Malka earned her Master of Social Work degree from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York. Malka has prior experience on the PHP/IOP level, working with adolescents with mood/anxiety and eating disorders. Additionally, Malka worked with family members of those incarcerated at a national non-profit agency, providing group therapy and individual support. Malka has also mentored and provided therapeutic support for women suffering from body image and disordered eating.

Malka is passionate about helping people live their best lives by accepting what is, learning how to feel their feelings, and making small but steady changes. With highly attuned empathy and excellent listening skills, Malka values creating safe spaces for clients to explore their presenting issues.

Malka specializes in working with clients experiencing anxiety/phobias, depression, body image, life transitions/empty next and perfectionism. Malka uses CBT, DBT, and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) with a humanistic, person-centered approach, emphasizing personal strengths. She also enjoys implementing mindfulness and breathing techniques in session, helping clients catch their breath. Literally!

In her spare time, Malka enjoys reading, spending time with her family, baking mountains of sourdough to satisfy her hungry kids, and taking long solo walks in nature.