Lizzy Winn, LISW


Lizzy, a spirited Licensed Independent Social Worker, boasts a diverse background encompassing both children in educational settings and adults within hospital and outpatient medical environments. Born and raised by the lively Jersey Shore, her social work journey commenced after graduating from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania and transitioning to Charleston in 2021. Lizzy’s expertise centers on loving and helping children with a vast spectrum of diagnoses, including ADHD, autism, and behavioral disorders. She is passionate about empowering children by fostering self-regulation and social-emotional skills within a nurturing, fun, and inclusive setting. Evoking the same passion, Lizzy connects effortlessly with adolescents and adults, armed with an arsenal of interventions from cognitive behavioral therapy. Beyond her professional pursuits, Lizzy finds solace in beach outings, immersive reading, invigorating workout classes, and cherishing moments spent with friends and family.