Kathleen Stevens, LCSW


I have been a licensed clinical social worker for over twenty years. During my career I have had the pleasure of working in private adoptions as well as counseling active duty military and their family members.

My ideal client has the insight and strength to ask for assistance when needed. They are motivated or would like to be and are engaged and open to making changes to have the life they deserve.

I am nonjudgmental, trustworthy and kind. I will meet you where you are, helping you on your journey. The goals we set together will be your goals and they may change as needed. It is always an honor to be trusted with your thoughts and a pleasure to see you succeed.

Life is never easy, but it’s always worth it and it will keep getting better. Nevertheless, at times just getting through a day is challenging and overwhelming. If you feel frustrated in your relationship or your career seems stale, or you are grieving, sad, anxious or depressed let’s get together and work toward a happier life.