Heath Tolleson, LPC-A


Everyone is on their own path, and everyone’s path is their own. I like to think of the client/therapist relationship as “co-travelers.” Meaning, we are both on this journey together. I believe that a holistic approach to a person’s emotional well-being can make all the difference in the world. I want to help clients to become more aware of how the world around them can have sudden, as well as, long-term effects when it comes to therapy. If we can be present with our thoughts and ourselves, we’re halfway there.

I have experience working with DBT, CBT, Narrative, and Solution Focused Therapy. By focusing on what is present, we can step away and determine just how we want to react. People are very concerned with how they react, but it’s when you understand why the reaction happened that we can learn how to view ourselves differently.

The best counseling advice I ever received was so very simple, “There is never a there. There can only be a here.” I would like the opportunity to join you on your journey here.