Emily Weber, LCSW, CADC

Clinical Director

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Emily believes in providing ethical, compassionate care that that meets people where they are at, demonstrates empathy for the unique experience of each person, and recognizes the needs of the whole person. Rooted in these values, she uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to find the best fit, including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness. The Ellie value of authenticity resonates with who she is, both as a person, and as a therapist, as she brings her authentic self to her therapy practice. She loves embracing her creative side, using expressive arts and play therapies with children and adolescents and recognizing the value of humor in navigating the difficult parts of life. Through providing a nonjudgmental space to explore emotions, unpack thought processes, and recognize patterns of behavior, her role is to help individuals, couples, and families tackle whatever they struggles they are currently facing, be it anxiety, mood disorders, addiction, communication issues, identity struggles or other life stressors.

She is motivated by supporting individuals through the change process, helping people reach their goals, and empowering them to realize their full potential. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity for healing, growth, and support and that Ellie can make that opportunity a reality for more of our community. With these values of creativity, compassion, humor, authenticity, acceptance, and determination at the forefront of who she is as a clinician and a person, she couldn’t be more excited to align with the mission at Ellie Mental Health and provide accessible, wholistic mental health care to Downers Grove and the surrounding areas. Everyone needs help sometimes. We are here to help and can’t wait to get started!