Brittney Rutledge, MA


Meet Brittney, a compassionate therapist with a Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis and 8 years of experience.

Brittney has gained experience across various settings including community mental health, school-based and in-home services, residential treatment facilities, and medication management. Her therapeutic approach focuses on establishing a safe and supportive environment where individuals can address their unique mental health concerns, with a particular emphasis on trauma.

Dedicated to guiding clients towards personal growth and positive change, she has offered treatment services to clients across a wide age range, from 5 years old to individuals over 50 years old. Proficient in providing therapeutic services across various settings, she ensures accessibility and flexibility for her clients. Committed to fostering a supportive and nonjudgmental environment, Brittney prioritizes connectivity and security, encouraging clients to explore their emotions, develop coping strategies, and cultivate personal growth while honoring their past forms of survival.

If you’re seeking to understand the impact of past experiences and trauma with empathy, compassion and grace, and are ready to take a trauma-informed approach to focus on forward progress—releasing, restoring, and rewiring for healing—reach out to Brittney today. Dr. Gabor Maté’s quote, ‘It’s not what’s wrong with you, it’s what happened to you,’ encapsulates our commitment to understanding your journey and guiding you toward the healing you deserve.