Brandi Garza, MA, LPC-S

Clinic Director

Few people know at a young age what their purpose is. However, 11-year-old Brandi declared therapy to be hers! Adopted at 13 years old, she has the unique lens of “both sides of the tracks”. Her experience as a child of parents in poverty, suffering from addiction, and severe mental illness meant her very survival depended on those who leaned into their humanity to truly see her. Now a first-generation high school graduate, University of Texas at Dallas graduate, mother, and adoptee. Brandi has been given a perspective that allows her as a therapist and Clinical Director to be an expert empathizer. Her clinical hours include shelters, juvenile detention centers, urban communities, addiction, education and more. All of this has only strengthened her belief that we are all human beings have a human experience begging to be seen. Over the last 19 years in the mental health field, she has learned she is most joyous and at peace when she has guided a human being TO.BE.SEEN. Parents “seeing” their children, peers, colleagues, siblings, scholars to staff, or in the most precious sessions to “see” the self. Brandi truly believes that we all have our “answer” within ourselves. She insists that the client is the expert on themselves. The therapist role is an objective guide and reflection of self, with a few tricks up their sleeve.