Alfredia Lewis, LMSW


Specializes in: Bereavement/loss, traumatic grief, and anxiety/depression (children and adults)

Alfredia earned a Master of Social Work degree from The University of Texas at Arlington and currently works as a therapist with Ellie Mental Health (Mansfield, TX). Her mission is to create a welcoming and safe space for clients to identify, embrace and express their feelings (even the difficult ones), and work towards strengthening positive self reflection while Alfredia actively/attentively listens/provides empowerment through reassurance.

Alfredia has over 17 years of experience assessing client needs and developing individualized plans of care while collaborating with multiple interdisciplinary teams to ensure the implementation of effective psychosocial and therapeutic support.

Alfredia uses a strength-based approach and often incorporates various treatment therapies to best meet the needs and goals of her clients. She specializes in implementing creative expression strategies to explore and adopt healthy coping skills. She strives to meet clients where they are in their journey as they identify individual goals and needs. She also has vast experience promoting positive self awareness, social acceptance and any other topic important to the client. She thrives in her ability to work with clients of all ages dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, mental strain, anticipatory grief or significant decline/death of a loved one/ significant other. She provides emotional support and guidance to target challenges, adjustment issues and significant life changes. Clients can expect to build their ability to create comfortable mental space, life balance, and strengthen effective communication strategies.

Alfredia also has experience in facilitating parenting, anger management, batter’s intervention and theft intervention groups. She has facilitated psycho process groups for both children and adults in various settings to include in-home, schools, mental health agencies and via telehealth. She has provided training within multiple school districts on effective strategies in working with students with IDD and behavioral challenges/diagnosis.

Alfredia has experience providing therapy to clients from vast professional sectors battling employment related anxiety, grief, mental strain and other work-life balance concerns. She has also advocated for veterans, geriatric patients and caregivers while providing training their supports, hospital staff, skilled nursing and rehabilitation communities.

Additionally, she participates in ongoing research on the correlation between nutrition and mental health, trending mental health topics and trending coping strategies. Alfredia contracts speaking engagements, lectures and trainings on various motivational topics such as overcoming daily struggles, goal attainment and self care. Alfredia enjoys reading, spending time with family/friends, camping, fishing and traveling when she is not working.