Aletheia Johnson, LMHC


Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Always feeling on edge or like you my just explode? It can be painful to try and heal from traumatic and challenging life events. Unresolved trauma can lead to a multitude of problems including difficulties connecting in relationships, difficulties with health, difficulties expressing yourself. Trauma can look like a variety of different things including depression, anxiety, and even just feeling overwhelmed. While it is not always talked about you are not alone these feelings are very common and can be treated.

While I have training in other areas of mental health. I specialize in working with individuals who have experienced traumatic events that are still affecting them. I help people learn to manage intense feelings, improve relationship and learn to connect again and most of all heal from the traumatic events through a variety of treatment types including DBT. Therapy is a journey with life long effects. Having support makes it that much easier. My hope is that after reading this you feel comfortable enough to start that process together. Reach out for a free consult and let’s start!