Zarlasht Shinwari, MSW

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Zarlasht is an empathetic practioner who believes that we are all searching for purpose in our lives. She believes in a client-centered approach to her work by encouraging them to trust their intuition and nurture helpful relationships in their lives. She believes that we carry the answers that were searching for and a nonjudgmental ear can help us get there.
Zarlasht tailors her supoprt to the unique values of her clients, always keeping them at the center of the therapeutic work.
While Zarlasht is well-versed in a variety of self-help methods, she tends to recognize that we are all interconnected with each other and with the various systems around us. She is passionate about helping people recognize how they are influenced by bio/psycho/social/spiritual aspects of their lives. She believes that we can find protective factors in these areas that align with our values. One of the greatest joys in her work is facilitating people feeling empowered by their choices, confident in themselves, and nurtured by their relationships.

In her free time, Zarlasht loves to take out time for thrilling workouts at her CrossFit gym. Cook for her family and nurture her personal relationships that fuel her sense of well-being.