Zane Rosen, BA

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Zane is a compassionate ARMHS practitioner that believes that we are all capable of growth, but comes to an understanding that we all have unique experiences. Combining authenticity, humor, and genuine regard for his clients, Zane creates strong relationships with his clients to feel safe to grow in the ways that feel appropriate for them. With a few years in the community mental health based services field, Zane understands the socioeconomic factors that come into play for access to mental health resources, goals, and more. Zane has been determined to help others to the best of his ability for the last few years and is focused on that for the rest of his life, eventually hoping to become a psychotherapist and licensed alcohol and drug counselor. Zane’s neurodivergence creates a separate insight from the neurotypical world that helps him adjust with clients that fit that profile as well to feel heard, understood, and seen by a clinician.

Outside of work, Zane enjoys photography, videogames, sports, movies, and spending time with any cats and dogs if possible!