Yujung Oh, LPC

Therapist (EMDR Trained/Certified)

We are all unique, multidimensional puzzle pieces trying to find where we fit. As such, we all have countless ways to define ourselves. However you choose to define yourself, Oh is here to help you throughout your journey. She knows what it means to find everyday to be an uphill struggle, as her own journey had her move from her home in South Korea as a young adult and endeavor to adapt to a new life in Kansas City. She has experienced the friction of adjusting to a new environment and the feeling of not belonging. She has also discovered for herself how to thrive in such an environment, and would like to help you learn how to thrive in your own environment as well. As a licensed professional counselor specializing in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and mindfulness, she has had the honor of helping both adults and children navigate various concerns including depression, anxiety, anger management, self-esteem concerns, conflicts with family and peers, couples issues, personality disorders, trauma (PTSD), and grief. Mental health is as vast, nuanced, and individualized as biological health. We all have our own unique mental chemistries, predispositions, and histories. It would be her honor to help you develop the tools you need within yourself to find your unique balance.