Yoshiko Miyake, CMHC


Yoshiko has practiced therapy for over 13 years, and she connects with her clients in a natural and authentic way. She offers a safe and nonjudgmental space while helping clients with anxiety, depression, life stress, unresolved trauma, self-worth, faith transitions, and other struggles. She wants to provide empathy, support, and knowledge as clients navigate their life-journey. She mainly utilizes modality of Client-Centered Therapy, but she has also been trained in CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), CPT(Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD/trauma), DBT(Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), ERP(Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy), and LI (Life Integration). She tailors her modalities to fit the clients’ needs. She is originally from Japan and has been in the USA for three decades. Yoshiko is a Christian, and she could incorporate a spiritual dimension into her sessions for those who are interested in doing so.