Wes Lambert, MA


I was first drawn to the field after a conversation with a friend who noted, “I feel like I was just in therapy.” I noticed I wasn’t scared of the sufferings of life. In fact, I curiously asked questions and held compassion for them. It started to make me evaluate how who I was in the world could more truly be expressed. Deep compassion, asking questions, challenging with the belief of moving through hardship all led me to become a therapist. I primarily treat clients experiencing symptoms of trauma, depression, and anxiety. I help my clients understand and integrate the trauma of their past while also helping them develop practice skills and vision for how they want to live moving forward. I’m a realist. Fancy jargon, generalized diagnosis and what you hear on social media won’t help you heal and become a whole person. Facing the painful yet beautiful reality of who you currently are and believing the promising potential of who you are becoming are the keys to living the life you were meant to live. I utilize approaches from Existential Psychology, Trauma-Informed and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). The most essential aspect of therapy though, is the alliance with the client (you). My approach is to acknowledge and strengthen our connection through earned trust, safety and honesty. As someone who has experienced traumatic loss at a young age, worked jobs that aren’t ideal and created habits I want to break, I get it. If you read this and you resonate with what I’m saying, let’s talk. If not, thanks for reading this far and know that you don’t have to wait until your last breath to realize what matters in life.