Warren Fritze, LICSW, LADC, CGC


Warren Fritze has 25+ years working with a wide range of people on an even wider range of topics. He’s very down to earth, supportive, and if you work with him he can make this promise: he’ll work as hard with you as you work on yourself.

Questions such as “how do I fit in?” “none of this makes sense?” and “who am I?” are often unpinning much of depression and anxiety and are all often asked questions. If you have ever asked yourself these and more, you are not alone.

Supportive, non-judgmental, creative, and dedicated, are how he describes his counseling style. He believes in honesty, transparency, accountability, openness, and a willingness to tackle life’s problems as they are and, through this, we become stronger, more resilient, wiser individuals.

He also focuses on dream analysis, as dreams and life often give us guidance in our dark times.

He also does quite a bit of work on recovering from gaslighting and emotional abuse.

Hobbies: long-distance motorcycling, fishing, writing (journaling but also a UF genre novel), reading, re-watching select existential philosophy based movies, reflecting on Stoic philosophy, astronomy, and tending to my lawn tractor that never seems to cut grass evenly.