Toni Schulz, MS, LMFT

Clinic Director

Toni is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who is passionate about creating safe, supportive and nonjudgmental space for folks along their journey. Seeing Toni for therapy, clients can expect a therapist who is down to earth and brings authentic self to session. Someone who is curious, straight forward yet gentle, honest, genuine and has a great sense of humor. Toni’s ideal client is an individual who sees vulnerability as courage, finds value in openness, transparency and humor. They have the desire to gain insight about what’s working and what isn’t working. They have interest in investing in themselves and genuinely building a life worth living. Toni specialized in trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, substance use, co-occurring disorders, borderline personality disorder, grief and loss, transitions, interpersonal and relational challenges. Toni’s therapeutic techniques include: DBT, CBT, experiential, solution focused, systems and attachment theories. Toni is trained in trauma modalities of EMDR & ART. Outside of work Toni enjoys spending time with her family, her dogs, being in nature whether it be camping, hiking or gardening. She also enjoys live music, trying new recipes, reading all of the books, supporting social change and being creative in some capacity.