Tiffany Anderson, MA


“Finding your ‘Aha’ moment is something that we can strive for together.” Being a true believer in the power of self, Tiffany strives to empower, validate and advocate for you to tell your story as you see fit. Tiffany has experience conducting individual, couples, group and family therapy to folks from all walks of life as well as a variety of mental health backgrounds; sexuality, depression, trauma, adjustments, anxiety, etc. 

Being of a diverse background herself, she understands the value of mindfulness and vulnerability, while also providing a safe and non- judgmental space for all. Tiffany’s therapeutic approach is both humanistic and solution focused, with high regard to providing authentic care, transparency and accountability along the way. In pursuit of furthering her education to become a certified Sex Therapist, Tiffany is sex positive and LGBTQIA+ knowledgeable. 

“It takes bravery to connect with a Therapist and I applaud you for making the first step.” In addition, Tiffany’s hope is to help you gain insight to discovering your ‘Aha’ moments, while also advocating for you to attain a positive outlook on your present and future self.