Taylor Smart, M.Ed


Taylor is a Minnesotan millennial who enjoys camping, hiking, and cycling through nature, especially at state and national parks. She and her partner have two big, beloved dogs who keep life active and interesting! Outside of working in mental health, Taylor loves cooking, gardening, playing video games, and enjoying time with loved ones.

As a therapist, Taylor is warm, empathetic, and flexible. Her goal is to help clients build a sense of happiness, empowerment, and resilience to face life’s inevitable challenges. Her theoretical approach to counseling is based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Existential Therapy, and she often incorporates bits of mindfulness and self-compassion work into sessions. Taylor is LGBTQ+ affirming, and passionate about working with neurodiverse individuals. She especially enjoys working with teens and young adults, but has experience with and a heart for all ages.

Ultimately, Taylor was drawn to pursue a career in mental health to work towards destigmatizing and increasing access to mental health care. Mental health is a crucial aspect of wellness, and therapy can be a powerful part of self-care! Taylor is ready to partner with you on your own mental health journey.