Talycia Williams, MA


Talycia is a psychotherapist who has spent over 7yrs in the mental health field providing science-based treatment modalities in community and outpatient settings.
Talycia believes that therapy is a collaborative experience where both the client and therapist add value to the therapeutic environment.
“I enjoy learning of all the differences in human experiences” -Talycia Williams
Talycia’s passion for ongoing and up to date research and treatment models surrounding neuroscience and psychology help her to fuse modern knowledge with compassion to aide her clients in increasing functioning and to lead more fulfilling lives.
Talycia has extensive experience in treating marriage and families, trauma, severe stress disorders, and special interests in neurodivergent communities. Talycia has worked to increase mental health awareness through her work in digital media, and collaborations with social, local, and global media outlets.
Talycia enjoys supporting various marginalized populations by volunteering and working in the community, at universities, and in the corporate marketplace.
In her free time Talycia enjoys reading and doing somatic exercises, cooking a great meal, or going for a long walk.
If these areas of training are of interest to you, I’d be delighted to see if I can help you in your treatment journey!