Stephen “Titoe” Titoe, B.E.S., M.S., & Post-Master (Cert.).

Community Based Mental Health Practitioner

Titoe, as he wants to be called, is a Mental Health Practitioner & has been working in this field for nearly 15 consecutive years. He brings with him vast experience that meets the needs of clients above and beyond by connecting them (clients) with community available resources.

Titoe respects people from all walks of life and truly believes in diversity. As a result, he always surrounds and finds himself working with people across all aisles within & outside the mental health world.

Titoe believes that client-centered is paramount as he prioritizes it by doing everything within his means to address clients’ needs and wants 98% of the time based on clients’ consistency and commitment in the ARMHS program.

If Titoe can’t find a solution to your needs and wants, he always makes a referrals and/or asks fellow coworkers for ideas in order to help you meet your goal.

Finally, Titoe graduated from St. Cloud State University 2008 w/ Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. He then enrolled at Capella University from 2008-2011, where he earned his Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Later, he enrolled again at Capella University from 2012-2013, where he earned his Post-Master’s Certificate in Education, for College Teaching.‍