Stephanie Stewart, MA, LPCC


Stephanie is a therapist who brings creativity, compassion, and playfulness to her work with clients. She loves working with children, adolescents, and young adults seeking support in a variety of areas, such as transitions, anxiety, depression, relationship with food/body (i.e. body image distress, disordered eating), and identity development. She approaches therapy from a client-centered lens. She strives to be curious and non-judgmental in her work with clients to walk with them through the challenges, successes, and everything in between. Stephanie also brings her quirky sense of humor into the therapeutic relationship to help build connections and bring laughter to the therapy space when appropriate.

Stephanie incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques to be able to tailor her treatment methods to each client’s needs. Prior to coming to Ellie, she provided therapy services in outpatient, school-based, and day treatment settings. She has incorporates a variety of interventions and theories such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and trauma-informed care. She incorporates play-based interventions, creative expression, and developmentally appropriate psychoeducation to reduce focus on verbal expression when appropriate.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys exploring, listening to music, playing a variety of games (board/video), reading, or engaging in some sort of creative expression class.