Stacey George, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern


Do you feel stress and anxiety are defining your life? Trying to be everything for everyone all the time is exhausting. Maybe you experienced something that hijacks your thoughts, unraveling your sense of purpose.  Trauma derails your ability to be kind to yourself, disrupting your relationships, sleeping patterns and making us feel unsafe.

My passion is to come with you on your journey to help you take your power back and understand that every experience on this journey is part of what makes you beautifully you! You are the expert in your life.

The foundation of our work begins with a trauma informed approach, going deeper to understand what happened to you, understanding the root cause and how to build an experiential shift where you begin to feel safe again.

Using holistic approaches like mindfulness, you will get back to being fully present in your life, increase your awareness and take the power back. These are qualities you already possess, we can work together to access it!

A little about me: I left my career for a call to counseling, attending St. John Fisher University where I graduated with my Masters, allowing me to live my personal values of service to others, humility, and acceptance.  I have worked in different settings, including community health and a prison setting, helping people to find their purpose in spite of their circumstances.

You have the capacity to heal, take the first step, and the rest we can do together.