Sol Redd-Martin, LCSW


Sol, received her MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017. She went on to become a licensed clinical social worker while working in the Emergency Services field as a Crisis Stabilization Therapist. She loves everything bell hooks and is a proclaimed clinical activist, who centers her values around community. Sol has been a community organizer for over a decade. She incorporates tenets learned from social justice movements into helping individuals navigate their own therapeutic goals. Sol uses clinical wit, Motivational Interviewing, Afrocentrism, CBT, and a host of other unconventional evidence-based treatment modalities in her time with you. Her expertise as a prior leading crisis stabilization therapist and current LGBTQIA+ support group counselor is sure to help you in developing your personalized healing journey.

In her free-time she enjoys mind numbing reality TV because life is too serious, doom strolling on several platforms because – options, and reading Black Feminist Theory books because— Intersectionality matters.