Simone Abraham, BA

Mental Health Practicioner

Simone is a compassionate and driven mental health practitioner. She is energized by helping others.

As a Black first-gen woman, Simone brings her lived experience into everything she does. She uses an out of the box approach when dealing with conflict while also considering the intersectionalities of every situation. Her multifaceted experience with people of different age groups, ethnicity, abilities, careers, experience, and education allows her to fit into many different places and roles with ease.

Before Ellie, Simone worked as a navigator on a mental health crisis line where she developed skills and is very eager to advocate for others, especially those who are members of vulnerable communities. She takes client advocacy very seriously and because she recognizes the dedication one must have to fulfill that role, she shows up for clients with an open mind and open heart, consistently.

Clients working with Simone can expect to be greeted with warmth and a smile.