Shae Taylor, LMSW


Shae is a licensed master social worker, and began her social work career in 2008 by providing intensive case management services to individuals with untreated mental health who were also experiencing homelessness. It is Shae’s goal, first and foremost, to create a safe, supportive environment for her clients, where a solid, trusting therapeutic relationship can then be formed. Meeting her clients at wherever point they may find themselves in life, Shae believes the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative partnership. Shae utilizes a relational, collaborative approach, in conjunction with psychodynamic and existential treatment styles, to help her clients identify and examine the root cause of their distress through increased self-awareness. Emphasizing the client’s right to self-determination in making choices that reflect the most authentic version of themselves, Shae celebrates both big and small successes with her clients, and is undoubtedly committed to walking alongside her clients as they “unpack” the uncomfortable emotions that often arise while processing challenging life circumstances. Shae’s areas of specialization include emotional and sexual abuse, family and domestic violence, generational trauma, depression, and anxiety. Her practice is driven by the perspective that everyone has the innate ability to heal and transform any negative life experience; Shae offers her clients the opportunity to do just that. In her free time, Shae enjoys going to concerts, writing, meditating, and spending time with her rescue dog, Bodhi. Shae is a long-distance runner, and has enjoyed many adventures living and working abroad.