Shae Taylor, LMSW


Shae is a licensed master social worker and certified teacher, who has been working with adults, children, and families in the mental health field since 2008. It is Shae’s goal, first and foremost, to provide a warm, accepting, safe space for her clients, where they have the freedom to authentically and comfortably express themselves. Shae’s practice is driven by the perspective that everyone has the innate ability to heal and transform any negative life experience. Shae will meet you at whatever point you find yourself on your healing journey. In 2008, Shae began building her skill set as a trauma-informed therapist by working with unsheltered populations with untreated mental health diagnoses. Shae offers EMDR treatment in her trauma work with adults and has additional specialized training in EMDR treatment with infants, children, and teens. Her areas of specialization include depression, anxiety, trauma, emotional and sexual abuse, relationship issues, domestic and family violence, and substance abuse. Shae has over 27 years of both national and international experience working with children diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, cognitive delays, behavioral disorders, and children who have experienced severe trauma and neglect. Other evidence-based modalities Shae utilizes include DBT, CBT, motivational interviewing, solutionfocused therapy, and trauma-informed care. Shae uses relational, collaborative, and psychodynamic approaches in helping her clients examine the root cause of their distress through increased selfawareness. Her therapeutic focus centers around supporting her clients in becoming the healthiest, most authentic version of themselves. In her free time, Shae enjoys going to concerts, writing, meditating, and spending time with her rescue dog, Bodhi. Shae is a long-distance runner and has enjoyed many adventures living and working abroad.