Sellers Terrell, LPC


“Sellers (Selle for short) has her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Troy University in Troy, AL. She obtained her undergrad degree in social work from the University of Kansas. In addition to her formal trainings, Selle actively enjoys studying alternative, holistic, and integrative modalities for implementing healing, recovery, and rebuilding of the Self. Selle has worked with a diverse range of populations over the years and has practiced therapy in a variety of settings. Her clinical skills and interests encompass addiction & recovery, holistic healing (such as somatic experiencing, mindfulness-meditation, breath work, artistic expression, etc.), the LGBTQIA+ community, and trauma work. She has an eclectic approach when it comes to counseling and emphasizes collaboration with her clients – holding onto the belief that YOU are the expert of your own life! Selle uses a blend of behavioral therapies as well as narrative styles with story telling and self-reflection exercises. Selle’s ability to navigate hardships and adversity in her own life has well equipped her to guide others through struggles and find healing and compassion for themselves. Selle believes therapy is a sacred place where you can show up as your authentic self and be safe from judgment and doubt. She will work alongside you to navigate the intricacies of distorted thinking patterns, unresolved or confusing emotions, maladaptive behaviors, and trapped stress in the mind and body. She will help you do the hard work that leads to positive and healthy change.

When Selle is not working she is usually trying to find somewhere in nature to walk, relax, and sight-see, playing with her 2 cats (Dottie and Delilah) and/or spending time with her Pomeranian (Silas), drawing/painting when she feels inspired enough, practicing yoga or rebalancing herself with meditation, and drinking iced espresso. Selle also really loves animals, thrifting, and the color pink.”