Scott Zien-Edgar, MA, LPCC, CIMHP


Scott is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with extensive experience working with people who have Severe and Persistent Mental Illness. Prior to joining Ellie Mental Health, Scott worked in the non-profit sector for 13 years with 10.5 years in Community Mental Health.

Scott is warm, patient, and open. Scott recommends that you come just as you are. We are all imperfect people and the imperfections make us human.

In addition to being a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Scott holds certification in Integrative Mental Health. This means that all of our areas of health are intertwined like a web and healing happens when we are able to obtain balance and health in all areas. Scott believes that humans thrive when they are able to align all of their areas of health, not just physical or mental but also spiritual health and other areas that are important to you.

In his free time, Scott likes to play guitar in a local band and spends time with his family. Scott’s spiritual and cultural identification falls within Jewish traditions and spiritual practices. The Jewish practice of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is reflected in Scott’s commitment to social justice.