Rebecca Berry, MSW, LGSW


Rebecca is a warm and relatable therapist who listens carefully and asks thoughtful questions. You can expect her to be soft-spoken but direct. She deeply values the opportunity to be with people in their vulnerable moments and assure them that they are seen and heard.

Rebecca’s areas of professional interest include couples (divorce, co-parenting, sexuality), adolescents, and adult individuals, as well as religious trauma, adoption, intercultural identities, and the immigrant experience. She enjoys narrative therapy because it gives the client the power to reshape their story. She employs a strength-based approach because we live in a society where we are constantly told what we are NOT rather than being encouraged to leverage our strengths. She also uses attachment theory as a lens to understand how her clients interact with the world.

In the time Rebecca has at the end of the day, her ideal would be to take a few minutes to sit outside, regardless of the weather, and remember she is alive and spinning through space. Her favorite things are: food from her home country, biking on city streets, watermelon, laughing, and being near lush green mountains or water.